We are extremely proud to be locally owned and operated. Lan-Tel is a company that was built from the ground up and has been very fortunate to be in business since 1995.  Through years of serving our community, we have earned a great reputation and level of trust through our commitment and hard work. Our convenient location, availability, and sense of urgency and care allows us to make sure our projects are completed on time and ensures customer satisfaction to the highest degree. Lan-Tel is very diligent about training and quality of hire – our technicians all have top of the line educations and experience in the industry we serve. Quality in our line of work means everything to us, and we make sure that every project is completed with care, and accuracy.


The success of Lan-Tel would be impossible without the community we serve helping us, and we make sure that we always give back to our local communities that have helped us so much along the way. We have always been vivid supporters of education and have been a big part of the Fort Osage school district for years. Lan-Tel has provided support to little league sports, pop-warner football, golf tournaments etc. We are also involved in the Blue Springs and Lees Summit School Districts as well. Local schools are not the only community organization we give back to though, as Lan-Tel has been heavily involved with projects that support our veterans, and sponsored numerous events to raise awareness regarding human trafficking, such as the Rended Heart Hope House, which provides short term accommodations for exploited and trafficked women and children. Lan-Tel has also made several generous donations towards charities that are important to the employees of the company, such as a fundraiser event that has been ongoing to build water wells in Africa and South America for Aqua Viva foundation, and so much more.

Lan-Tel’s approach and philosophy to consulting with clients is flexible and collaborative.



Our customers have different needs and look for different types of solutions, depending on their own capabilities.  Using the experience and versatility of our technicians, designers, and established partnerships we always tailor to the specific circumstances – both in the roles we take and in our approach.  The only thing we focus on is what is right and will work best for our customer.


We always work directly with customers to address any concerns they may have, by deploying a specialist that will be able to assess the situation and deliver solution that meets customer’s expectations.  Sometimes other third parties may be involved as well.  The key is that our customers remain closely engaged throughout and fully in control, and able to maximize the opportunities.


Building a company from the ground up that the employees believe in and are proud to be part of. Knowing that a group of people working together towards common goals can reach heights of uncommon success. To know that they had a choice of where to work and that they selected our organization knowing that they are part of a team that continually strives to improve itself as well as others. That this attitude is reflected every day by real people through the quality of the work produced and the continuous effort to exceed our customers’ expectations. Instilling core values into every new member of our team, and never taking any customer for granted. To be on the leading edge of technology in our industry through the continual education and training of our team members. To take pride in ourselves, our workmanship, our fellow employees, and know that we are more than just a number; we are real people working together twoards a common goal.

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